Filled with Love

Mother’s Day weekend was beautiful and filled with lots of special family time. . So thankful for my beautiful girls, amazing husband and sweet parents!

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We love our Mama’s!!!!

405250_544407561533_1331121894_n935456_559554197553_31574487_n Happy Mother’s Day to our Beautiful, Amazing Mamas!!! We love you both so much and would not be the people we are today without you (or be here for that matter ;))!!!

Thank you to my mom for teaching me how to be the best mother one can be. I have always admired her drive and love of life, she knows how to light up a room and bring you to tears in laughter. She is one of the most incredibly loving women I have ever known. I only hope and pray that I will be as wonderful to my babies as she is to my sister and I.

 I can’t thank my mother in law enough for being so amazing and loving. She is responsible for181721_517689928883_1245792_n raising the most incredible husband and father that surpassed my wildest dreams. There is nothing she wouldn’t do for all of us. Her love, com564004_558044468063_359062868_npassion and pure heart blow me away over and over again.

Moms are a blessing from God. We are blessed to know such incredible women and I am so blessed to be apart of this journey called Mommyhood 😉