Ella Grace ~ 3.4.13

Welcome to the world Ella Grace


5:03 PM

7.5 pounds

20″ long

Healthy and Perfect!

Sunday 3.3.13 light contractions started up and I began timing them to see if this might be the real deal. I kept waiting for them to become more intense before waking Emalyn and trekking to the hospital. As all mamas know we don’t want to drive to the hospital only to be turned around and sent home! I ended up falling asleep and woke up 3.4.13 with light contractions but had an appt at 10am for my routine 39 week check. Well, turns out it wasn’t in my head and we were in labor. I was at 4cm and my bag of waters was supposedly ready to burst at any given moment. We headed over to Bruggers to drop Emalyn off with Bubby and grab a bagel before checking into the hospital at 12. Everything was so much more relaxed this second time around. It was nice knowing what to expect and my contractions were still very much bearable so it was a calm experience. I had my epidural placement around 3 and after they broke my bag of waters around 3:30 I decided it was time to dose me. Well it didn’t work so at 4:30 we had to get a new epidural placed and before I was ready to be dosed they checked to see where we were with progression and the baby’s head was ready to come out!!! I was in major shock. I pushed for 4 hours with Emalyn so when labor was coming to a quick end I couldn’t believe what the nurses were telling me. I didn’t even have time to call my mom and tell her to come back over (luckily she arrived just in time, must be moms intuition ;)) They quickly had the Dr. come in and by 5:03 PM our perfect, healthy beautiful baby girl was in my arms. It was such an amazing experience, I was actually able to take everything in and enjoy this time. I am so happy that all of those wonderful mommy friends of mine were right about the second time being so much easier!


God is good, we are once more blessed!!!



Celebrating Ella Grace

This past weekend my sweet girlfriends hosted the most beautiful shower! Everything was picture perfect and it meant so much to “sprinkle” Ella Grace with beautiful outfits, blankets, paintings and more from such wonderful girlfriends!!! I really believe that the second baby gets the best gifts. Since you already have most all of the necessities that come with babies your friends are able to use their creativity and awesome sense of style to buy or make beautiful gifts! I can’t begin to thank everyone enough for making this day so special.¬†

Now I’m going to photo bomb……

ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageclt girls

We are ready for you sweet girl!!!



Valentine’s and the final countdown


Daddy brought Emalyn a box of chocolates and a balloon for Valentine’s Day. In a matter of seconds the entire box of chocolates was in her mouth… Daddy did good ūüôā We were able to celebrate Valentine’s just the two of us on Friday night since the racquet club had a valentine’s parents night out. We started the night at Thai Orchid where the food was deliciously spicy and then finished up at Old Europe with yummy desserts and coffee. I love these special times with Gabi, they are all the more appreciated these days since they don’t come around as easily as they used to. Not only did we have an amazing date night but Emalyn had so much fun at the Valentine’s party that was even decked out with a chocolate fountain that she slept in until 9 AM on Saturday… AGH!!! ūüôāImage


Emalyn has been busy practicing her Big Sister skills!!!Image

37 weeks¬† and the anticipation of Ella Grace’s arrival happening any day now is so exciting!! Still feeling great considering and working out as usual, praying this delivery is easier than the first like everyone promises!Image



20 Months

Emalyn hit 20 months yesterday on the 8th and we are having so much fun (and anxiety) watching her grow into a full on toddler!!


  • She now sleeps in her big girl bed and does awesome!
  • Her favorite activity is her strider bike. Every time we take her out we are amazed at how fast she is mastering her skills.
  • She still loves to draw and read books. You will often wonder why its so quiet and find her with all of her books and sketch pad sitting on her sofa.
  • Loves to go to the pool, this morning she brought us the goggles and stood by the door ready to go.
  • Stubborn, yes we all are! But boy oh boy she is stubborn. I know probably most all toddlers go through this so I am just praying that I handle situations in the best way and don’t loose all my hair in the process.
  • She loves to kiss, hug and snuggle
  • Dancing and music are a BIG hit!
  • Every morning she runs into the kitchen saying “cereal” (Yes she is my child!)
  • Loves coffee (don’t worry we limit this love for now)
  • Frozen Go-gurt is a must have
  • She loves shoes, sunglasses and clothes but at the end of the day prefers to be naked!
  • Her vocabulary improves daily. We are always anxious to see what she will say next.¬† I went up to snuggle her early in the morning Friday and daddy came in to say goodbye before he left, she looks over at me and says “is that daddy” it was so sweet and so clear, she amazes me with how smart she is.






We love you Emalyn and love watching you grow into the little lady that you are. We can’t wait for your little sister to arrive so that you can show her your world!!


Big Girl Bed

Last week after many successful attempts to climb out of her crib we decided to try Emalyn out in a big girl bed. I was nervous for many reasons. First being I wasn’t ready for my baby to leave the crib!! It seems like just yesterday we brought her home from the hospital and now moving her into a big girl bed just seems so, well, BIG girl! We were nervous she would eventually hurt herself because who knows what type maneuvers it took to climb out of the crib since it is a fairly big leap from the lowest setting. Second, I was nervous that nap time would be a total nightmare in my last month of pregnancy and bedtime would become a fight for staying in her bed. Well after a bit of research on the good ol’ internet we decided to take the leap and try it out.

First night- bad timing as I had supper club and had to leave Gabi to the task all by himself. I came home to find out that she was in her bed but it took 2 hours instead of the usual 2 minutes. In that time he had pushed the bed against the closet doors, lowered the box spring to the inside of the bed frame to make it lower and had taken away access to the light switches. (learning as we go :)) Around 4 AM she woke up crying and you could tell it was confusion of “where am I and what am I laying in.” I went upstairs to ease her back to bed and ended up laying the rest of the night with her holding my ever so full pregnant bladder as so not to wake her back up.

Day 2- Nap time came and I was nervous. I took her upstairs with her “baby” aka blanket and prayed she would stay put and fall asleep. I could hear her singing songs and her little feet walking around for a good 30 minutes before all of a sudden it was silent. I gave it a few minutes and went up to check on her where I found her laying on the floor next to the bed snuggling “baby” I moved her to her bed and she luckily did not wake back up and ended up sleeping for a solid 3 hours rather than her usual 1 1/2-2. WOW!Image

That night we put her to bed and again heard the usual singing and walking around but not long after it went silent and we were again eager to peek and see if she was actually in the bed and SHE WAS!!! YAY! She had put herself back in the bed and slept the ENTIRE night.

I know this is a long post – but this is a huge milestone in our baby girls life and I want to remember just how awesome she did. Since the first night she has done amazingly well and adjusted quickly to both nap time and bed time in her official big girl bed!!

We moved the crib over to Ella Grace’s room and set everything back up just the way we had it the day Emalyn came home from the hospital. We also spent some time getting all of her baby clothes back out and going through all the baby items that haven’t been touched in several months. It was such a fun weekend!! I am finally starting to feel like Ella Grace has her place in this world. Its so different with the second than with the first its all the more exciting since we will be introducing sisters for the first time and expanding out little family of three to a family of FOUR! Image



7 weeks to go…

Okay so there are some days where i’m thinking when is this baby going to get here already, but then I think about the pregnancy as a whole and boy has it flown by! I can’t believe we are down to the final weeks until our little family of three becomes a family of four!!! We are so excited to introduce Emalyn to her new baby sister. Em has been so sweet ¬†since the ultrasound at 20 weeks where she really seemed to put it all together that the baby on the screen was in mommy’s belly. Most everyday she will look at my belly and say baby, proceed to lift my shirt and give her kisses which just absolutely melts my heart! Ella Grace is a girl on the move these days making both Gabi and I laugh with all of her jolts and wiggles. You can¬†literally¬†watch my stomach move around as she does her gymnastic moves to get ready for birth (which i’m already having anxiety about!). I sure hope its true that the second time around is much easier than the first. One of these days i’ll have to share my birthing story with Emalyn on here, although anyone who hasn’t been through birth yet would probably benefit from not reading.¬†

I have been ¬†blessed with both¬†pregnancy’s¬†that I have had very little discomforts and have been able to continue with my workouts. I¬†truly¬†believe¬†my workouts are what help me stay strong, SANE and energized to chase after a toddler at ¬†33 weeks pregnant. ¬†I am sticking to my usual routine of spinning and muscle pump along with iburn when i’m here on the weekend which is a circuit boot-camp class. I love to walk./hike but the weather has been crazy here with a lot of rain. All I can think is Spring can’t get here soon enough! So far my weight gain has been steady and at a healthy pace although at this point in pregnancy i’m pretty sure anyone and everyone feels ENORMOUS just as I do!

Please ignore the fact that this is a terrible bathroom belly shot ūüėČ

32 weeks

The Countdown is ON!!! 



Blowing Rock

the girls2013 started off with a bang!!! This past weekend we had a getaway with my sisters¬†from other misters! Lucky for us girls, our boys really enjoy each other as well. Every year we try to get away with the whole family for a long weekend to spend some quality time together. As the years pass we all seem to become closer and closer, we are truly blessed!! Everyone has become a bit spread out but we all do the best we can to make it to all the wonderful life events that we can. Over the past 6 years since graduation (can y’all believe 6 years this year!!) we have had weddings, engagements and births to go along with all of our sweet memories together. This year will be another big year as we have our 2nd baby girl and our best friend Lizzy says I do to the man of her dreams Kevin. I can’t wait to see what else 2013 brings us!!!

hot tub

Emalyn had the time of her life with all of her Aunties. They were so amazing with her and I wouldn’t expect anything different. It made my heart so happy to watch them cuddle her, sit her on the kitchen island and have girl talk, paint nails and feed each other popcorn. These are such special memories that I know are just the beginning. My girls are so blessed and VERY spoiled, just as they should be!!!

On our last night at the mountain house my sweet parents drove up to Blowing Rock to get Emalyn and spend some quality time with her giving Mommy and Daddy a little relaxation time with friends before our next arrival.

yaya and em bubby and emWe feel so blessed to have them and couldn’t be happier watching them interact with their granddaughter. We did a little shopping and had lunch at our all time favorite Chick-fi-la before they headed back to Asheville. Emalyn passed out not long after they left which was not surprising after her non stop attention back at the Mountain house :).

This weekend was one for the books and every time I leave these sweet friends my heart is full and I am reminded just how special these precious memories are with my Sisters from other Misters and our wonderful Boys too ūüėČ

the gang

Here is Emalyn opening her gifts from Sunny that she brought with her from Korea!


Gabi and I snuck in a little dancing even with my big belly!!

me and gabi dance


Yes to the Dress

Yesterday I spent the day in Charlotte with some of my best friends from college. ImageWe spent the day shopping for Lizzy’s wedding dress. Our favorite dress shop was Hayden Olivia in downtown. If your getting married this is the place to go. I don’t think I saw one ugly dress in the entire super chic boutique. The ladies working there were so helpful and friendly and made the experience so personal. ¬†It was so much fun to laugh, share stories and enjoy making yet another incredible memory together. We ate lunch at a place in Dilworth called Toast. If your in the Charlotte area I highly recommend checking this place out. I can not wait until October when my best friend Lizzy says I do to the man of her dreams!!! 2013 is going to be one incredible year!!!



Cheers to amazing friends and more great memories



Tassimo vs Keurig

For a full year I have always wondered whether my Tassimo was the best choice for single coffee brewer. I looked for review after review when we were first given the Tassimo for Christmas last year to see what the difference was and which was the better buy. After reading several reviews that coffee lovers alike had raved about the Tassimo we kept this one and were very happy that we did. I still wondered though what the Keurig was like and whether we would enjoy the perks of being able to brew any coffee we wanted instead of the lack of choices that Tassimo provides. One downer that I have about Tassimo is that soon after we were given the machine Starbucks broke up with them leaving choices such as Maxwell house and Gevalli our only option. Hence the reason for Keurig always popping back up in my mind since I would be able to brew my beloved Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts coffee. Since my dad was not happy with the machine he passed it down to me so here goes my review for anyone who has wondered the same things. As a side note this is the Keurig office pro vs Tassimo suprema T45


Keurig price point: $100 and up


  • Variety of Coffee, tea, hot chocolate options
  • Adaptor to use your own grinds
  • You can tell the machine how big your cup is


  • Brews each K-cup the same no barcode to differentiate the variety
  • Large system takes up a lot of counter space when compared with the Tassimo
  • The beverage temperature is not hot enough
  • No latte,¬†cappuccino¬†or espresso here
  • The wait time, you have to wait for the hot water to heat up before the machine is ready to brew


Tassimo price point: $100-$170


  • Filtration¬†system
  • Barcode¬†reader telling the machine exactly how to brew the specific disc.¬†
  • It can brew you a Latte, Espresso,¬†cappuccino, Tea, Coffee and hot chocolate
  • Space saver, this machine takes up very little of our counter space
  • Instant – When you insert the disc and press start it starts!


  • Limited options ie: no starbucks or dunkin donuts
  • T-discs are not cheap

Bottom line both machines have their pro’s and con’s but when choosing between the 2 machines I would go for the Tassimo for the reasons listed above. No you can’t brew your Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts but you can brew a pretty mean latte and a fairly decent coffee within a minute for running out the door. On weekends we still prefer the old percolator for spoiling our taste buds!¬†

I would love to hear from you about your favorite coffee and brewer.