A few months passing

Wow! Summer hit and my blog fell through the crack! My apologizes I have some catching up to do…..

DSC_0085Emalyn turned 2, such a big girl! She is even more amazing by the day (didn’t know that was possible) She really keeps us on our toes and has a mind of her own. She loves to play with her friends, draw, bike and of course swim. She is still in LOVE with WATER… everything is WATER.. I can hardly keep her out of the bathtub when we are home because she wants to play in water so much! On the way to the downtown gym we drive along the French Broad River and you can see her eyes get BIG every time as she points and says “mommy waaerr”DSC_0628

Ella Grace is now 4 months and such a sweet baby. She smiles non stop and loves to laugh at Emalyn. She will never be bored I am sure of that! It is a lot of fun watching the dynamic between them. Ella Grace still prefers milk, we have started to introduce banana and oatmeal (the baby kind) both were not a huge hit but we will keep trying 😉 She can roll front to back and vice versa as well as scoot around in her walker. She is chewing on everything in sight so I’m thinking she will have a tooth here soon.

At their recent well checks ~

Emalyn was 34.5 inches – if the old saying is true double their height at 2 we are looking at 5’9″ we shall see. She was just under 30 pounds and her head is still in the 99th percentile!

Ella Grace is now 15 pounds and in more like the 75th percentile.. so a little smaller than her sister but still healthy! 🙂

Here are a few pictures as well from our California trip, I’ll have to write a separate blog all about it… AMAZING 😉

DSC_0800 DSC_0798 DSC_0850 DSC_0949 DSC_0676




Filled with Love

Mother’s Day weekend was beautiful and filled with lots of special family time. . So thankful for my beautiful girls, amazing husband and sweet parents!

DSC_0490 DSC_0502

DSC_0483 DSC_0504




We love our Mama’s!!!!

405250_544407561533_1331121894_n935456_559554197553_31574487_n Happy Mother’s Day to our Beautiful, Amazing Mamas!!! We love you both so much and would not be the people we are today without you (or be here for that matter ;))!!!

Thank you to my mom for teaching me how to be the best mother one can be. I have always admired her drive and love of life, she knows how to light up a room and bring you to tears in laughter. She is one of the most incredibly loving women I have ever known. I only hope and pray that I will be as wonderful to my babies as she is to my sister and I.

 I can’t thank my mother in law enough for being so amazing and loving. She is responsible for181721_517689928883_1245792_n raising the most incredible husband and father that surpassed my wildest dreams. There is nothing she wouldn’t do for all of us. Her love, com564004_558044468063_359062868_npassion and pure heart blow me away over and over again.

Moms are a blessing from God. We are blessed to know such incredible women and I am so blessed to be apart of this journey called Mommyhood 😉



morning snuggles

emandelIn the morning we have a pretty good routine going. Ella Grace gets her morning fill usually before Emalyn wakes up then drifts back off for a couple of hours giving me time to get Em breakfast etc. The weekends are the best because Daddy is home to share morning coffee and make the best healthy waffles with.  (I wish every day started with an “S” :))

daddy and ella

This week we are back to our usual routine. Ella Grace hit 6 weeks and that meant it was time to return to the gym! For some taking the baby anywhere at 6 weeks is far to soon and I respect that, but I go insane if I don’t get out at least once a day. We are seriously lucky to have the people we do in child watch at the gym they are all like family. They love on our girls and treat them just like their own making me feel so comfortable leaving them to get my endorphins flowing for a little while each morning. I’m a better mom and wife for it! It makes such a difference in my day. I have about 10lbs to go and a lot of toning before I will feel like my old new self again. The 6 weeks spent at home really did go by fast but it was hard for all of us to stay at home as much as we did. It reminded me of when I first had Emalyn and I thought to myself oh’ boy am I really cut out to stay at home all the time. Eventually we found our “outs” and ways to socialize with others by going to the gym or to MOPS at church etc.

ellasmilesLook at this smile, now this melts my heart!  Emalyn is still so sweet with her, when she cries she quickly wants to rub her head or cover her with a blanket etc. She loves to hold her on the sofa and snuggle. The other morning I gave Ella Grace to her and she started doing what we call the woody wood-pecker action on her chest and I about died laughing when Emalyn quickly pushed her back to me said “no-no-no” and proceeded to button up her shirt. No milk is coming from her ha-ha!

Emalyn changes by the week. She is so smart and loves to doemalyn her own thing, very independent! She loves to play outside and takes care of the dogs for us. She lets them in and out of their crate, feeds them and tells them to “stop” when they lick her sister to much. Her vocabulary and understanding of things has also grown. Its crazy how once a baby arrives your older baby becomes such a big girl in comparison. This weekend Daddy picked out some new sandals for her and you would think he bought her the world. This girl LOVES shoes… We are in trouble 😉



Party of SIX

These past six weeks in review!


Ella Grace arrived

Healthy and Amazing! We all fell in love immediately and some how more and more each day since.



Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt

Emalyn had a blast this year, especially after she realized there were candies in the eggs. This babies sweet tooth went on the hunt to pick up as many eggs as she could get her hands on!

easter 2013 101

easter 2013 135


Easter Sunday

Emalyn and I ended up with the stomach virus all weekend but we managed to make it to see Gabi baptized and to dye a few Easter eggs at home.

easter 2013 053

easter 2013 115


Ella Grace turns 1 Month!!

EG 1 month!


We made up for being sick on Easter by enjoying a family outing at the Biltmore Estate and my sweet parents treated us to their amazing brunch at the Deerpark

easter 2013 202 easter 2013 284 easter 2013 210 easter 2013 239 easter 2013 252


Emalyn is 22 Months (2 months until she is 2, how did this happen?!?)



We had a few special friends from college come meet our new arrival and entertain Em for the weekend.

the ladies  ella grace Em back yardliv me and eg

lizzymeliv jenny and eg joel and eg


Another beautiful day at the Biltmore Estate! I decided this past week that I would run the Ramble 5K with my Mom and Sister for Mother’s Day this year. I figured this would be a great short term goal to help get these pregnancy pounds off. Today Gabi was a champ and pushed the double BOB so that I could actually run 3 miles 🙂 I was so proud to even be able to run that far since I haven’t actually run in a long while. Feels good to get back at it even if I am Slow 😉

family at BE DSC_0330 DSC_0342 DSC_0333 DSC_0294 DSC_0311

March ~ April Photo Bomb!

emalyn holding EG Em carries baby doll EG bath time Em and EG2 Em and EG dad EG em easter 2013 221easter 2013 067

We are all doing great and enjoying the weather now that Spring has actually Sprung! Emalyn has adjusted so well to being a big sister, every morning she looks around for “baby” to check in on her. We can’t wait to watch the girls grow together.  Emalyn is a busy toddler keeping us all entertained and Ella Grace is a very chill baby just like Em was. Gabi and I couldn’t be happier with our little family 🙂

Until next time (hopefully sooner than later)



Ella Grace ~ 3.4.13

Welcome to the world Ella Grace


5:03 PM

7.5 pounds

20″ long

Healthy and Perfect!

Sunday 3.3.13 light contractions started up and I began timing them to see if this might be the real deal. I kept waiting for them to become more intense before waking Emalyn and trekking to the hospital. As all mamas know we don’t want to drive to the hospital only to be turned around and sent home! I ended up falling asleep and woke up 3.4.13 with light contractions but had an appt at 10am for my routine 39 week check. Well, turns out it wasn’t in my head and we were in labor. I was at 4cm and my bag of waters was supposedly ready to burst at any given moment. We headed over to Bruggers to drop Emalyn off with Bubby and grab a bagel before checking into the hospital at 12. Everything was so much more relaxed this second time around. It was nice knowing what to expect and my contractions were still very much bearable so it was a calm experience. I had my epidural placement around 3 and after they broke my bag of waters around 3:30 I decided it was time to dose me. Well it didn’t work so at 4:30 we had to get a new epidural placed and before I was ready to be dosed they checked to see where we were with progression and the baby’s head was ready to come out!!! I was in major shock. I pushed for 4 hours with Emalyn so when labor was coming to a quick end I couldn’t believe what the nurses were telling me. I didn’t even have time to call my mom and tell her to come back over (luckily she arrived just in time, must be moms intuition ;)) They quickly had the Dr. come in and by 5:03 PM our perfect, healthy beautiful baby girl was in my arms. It was such an amazing experience, I was actually able to take everything in and enjoy this time. I am so happy that all of those wonderful mommy friends of mine were right about the second time being so much easier!


God is good, we are once more blessed!!!


Celebrating Ella Grace

This past weekend my sweet girlfriends hosted the most beautiful shower! Everything was picture perfect and it meant so much to “sprinkle” Ella Grace with beautiful outfits, blankets, paintings and more from such wonderful girlfriends!!! I really believe that the second baby gets the best gifts. Since you already have most all of the necessities that come with babies your friends are able to use their creativity and awesome sense of style to buy or make beautiful gifts! I can’t begin to thank everyone enough for making this day so special. 

Now I’m going to photo bomb……

ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageclt girls

We are ready for you sweet girl!!!