swim lessons

em swim lessons with me

Oh, boy.. the water is where its at for Emalyn. She is a fish! We had so much fun doing swim lessons these past five weeks together. The only problem is her patients runs out and she just wants to go, but the skills just aren’t sharp enough for her to go on her own yet. She is doing so well and we hope that she will be a pro by the end of this summer! I love watching her do what she loves. She smiles the entire time we are in the pool, even when she goes under she still has a smile on her face.

Enjoying every moment,



The little gym


Today our MOPS group was invited to try out the little gym for free so we went over to join our friends this morning for our first class. Emalyn had so much fun!! The staff was so energized and friendly, they made me feel comfortable when my child was not participating with the given activity rather exploring the rest of the gym which made the experience relaxing and fun! Usually I would feel like I needed to chase her down and make her stay with the rest of the group but they told me it was okay if my child wanted to explore. They did encourage us moms to participate in the activities so that our children would want to participate as well and they were right! When Em saw the rest of us clap, sing and dance she became interested in joining us. There were lots of different activities as a group as well as the perfect amount of free time where the teachers gave great tips and encouraged our little ones to explore all the different activities that help build their coordination, confidence and strength.

On their website they offer their first introductory class for free so I highly recommend any moms looking for a great activity for your little one to try it out!!




Happy Monday!!

Felt Christmas Tree

felt tree emWow, Tomorrow is December 1st! Can ya’ll believe it!!! I am so excited for Christmas this year!!! Emalyn is so cute about all the decorations and crafts that we have been enjoying during the holiday season. It is so much fun to make memories and new traditions with our sweet family. Yesterday I stumbled upon a felt Christmas tree on pinterest while looking for an advent calendar to make (which will come next) and decided I just had to make it and can you see why?!? Em Loves it!! She removes the ornaments and puts them back over and over again. Every time one falls she says “uh-oh” and quickly picks it up to put it back on her tree.

felt treeI highly recommend making this easy kid friendly tree for your family. Here are a few pointers from my experience. I found everything I needed at Michaels.

  • The “tree” felt was in a package above the smaller pieces ready for you to make into a triangle
  • I purchased 6-7 sheets of felt of our color choice to make the presents and ornaments
  • I used hot glue for the gifts so they are not removable and also for decorating the ornaments.
  • Felt sticks to felt so the kids can take them off and re-arrange over and over 🙂
  • I used Velcro stickers to stick to the wall. I had to hot glue the back of the sticker to the felt to make it hold but then just stuck it like tape to the wall (pray for no paint peeling)

If you decide to make it be sure to send a picture of your finished tree!!! I can’t wait to see what some of you who ARE creative can come up with 🙂