7 weeks to go…

Okay so there are some days where i’m thinking when is this baby going to get here already, but then I think about the pregnancy as a whole and boy has it flown by! I can’t believe we are down to the final weeks until our little family of three becomes a family of four!!! We are so excited to introduce Emalyn to her new baby sister. Em has been so sweet  since the ultrasound at 20 weeks where she really seemed to put it all together that the baby on the screen was in mommy’s belly. Most everyday she will look at my belly and say baby, proceed to lift my shirt and give her kisses which just absolutely melts my heart! Ella Grace is a girl on the move these days making both Gabi and I laugh with all of her jolts and wiggles. You can literally watch my stomach move around as she does her gymnastic moves to get ready for birth (which i’m already having anxiety about!). I sure hope its true that the second time around is much easier than the first. One of these days i’ll have to share my birthing story with Emalyn on here, although anyone who hasn’t been through birth yet would probably benefit from not reading. 

I have been  blessed with both pregnancy’s that I have had very little discomforts and have been able to continue with my workouts. I truly believe my workouts are what help me stay strong, SANE and energized to chase after a toddler at  33 weeks pregnant.  I am sticking to my usual routine of spinning and muscle pump along with iburn when i’m here on the weekend which is a circuit boot-camp class. I love to walk./hike but the weather has been crazy here with a lot of rain. All I can think is Spring can’t get here soon enough! So far my weight gain has been steady and at a healthy pace although at this point in pregnancy i’m pretty sure anyone and everyone feels ENORMOUS just as I do!

Please ignore the fact that this is a terrible bathroom belly shot 😉

32 weeks

The Countdown is ON!!! 




No more cookies!!!


Okay so my sweet tooth attack has arrived and I’m trying so hard to fight it!!! This happened to me several times while pregnant with Emalyn and I can’t say I fought it very often, hence the 40 pound weight gain! This time around I swore I wouldn’t gain as much so that it wouldn’t be so frustrating leaving the hospital still looking 8 months pregnant. Well after my appointment this week I’ve already gained 20 pounds and I’m 26 weeks along and this of course was no shocker after my week of splurging on cookies. Have yall tried the immaculate cookies? Triple chocolate is my favorite!! To my defense they are all natural and did I mention oh so heavenly and they were also on sale!!! I bought 2 packages and ate both almost entirely myself. So, after going to bed feeling gross last night I decided no more cookies and I’m going to drink my protein shake and eat healthy. Well today I ate cookies… Ugh!!!!! Someone help me!!! They are now officially out of the house so now I just can’t buy them anymore 😉

On to a bit of a healthier subject. Earth fare is my favorite place to shop for groceries. Their produce is colorful, fresh baked bread to die for and the meat isn’t pumped with hormones. They also run great specials, if you don’t already receive their emails and text I recommend you sign up.This week they are running the lunch box special which includes kale and sweet potato salad, Brussels sprouts and chicken salad. If you haven’t tried their chicken salad yet run don’t walk to your nearest earth fare its amazing!!! This meal was so filling and only cost $5.


I am still enjoying my protein shakes, they keep me full and satisfied and up until the last few days keeps my sweet tooth in check. Lately I have been adding a scoop of amazing grass superfood to my shake giving me the extra vegetable, fruit and antioxidant boost. Highly recommend!


Well I’m off to get an afternoon workout in before our 131 Main MOPS Christmas party 🙂


Happy Birthday Daddy!!!

ImageNow if that picture doesn’t describe the best birthday EVER I don’t know what does 🙂 Emalyn was so excited when we picked up Daddy’s cake. She waited patiently for dinner to finish then quickly ran to the freezer doing her normal grunt “ugh ugh ugh” for me to get that cake out! I can’t believe how smart these babies are!!!


Since Gabi’s birthday fell on Thanksgiving this year Em and I decided to surprise him with a special dinner along with his ritual birthday cake on Monday.

These weeks seem to be flying by faster and faster. This week we have been busy getting our Christmas decorations out and getting some holiday online shopping done. I love to feel like I have all of this accomplished so i’m hard at work trying to find the perfect gift for each special person in our lives. If only I had a money tree for all the items I find for Emalyn. I’m not sure i’ll have any money or items left to purchase for a few years if I keep going at this rate (must refocus on others ;))

This week I was ready to jump back into workout mode after taking almost a full week off during Thanksgiving. I mean we did get a few walks in etc. but nothing like the good sweat of spin and Muscle pump. Monday I went to spin then did a nice walk in the neighborhood that will make anyone’s booty burn, Tuesday I had spin and pump and today was a relaxing day of playdates and errands. Gotta love Hump Days!!!

I hope everyone is well and recovering from all the Thanksgiving festivities.



Monday Funday

Tonight we made our cookies in a jar and they turned out really well. I took a friends suggestion and added a tsp of vanilla and I think you can tell from the pictures they were a success!!

My friend Rachel has an awesome blog focused on running and nutrition which I recommend you all hop over to check out on your free time. Today she posted about the Elf for Health challenge which I quickly joined to help keep up my motivation to stay healthy during the holiday season!!

Today was a great day that started off with muscle pump and a little birthday shopping for Gabi. I of course had to stop by Baby Gap and Gap Maternity to pick up a few new essentials going into the end of my 2nd trimester and beginning of the third. I love when I get an email for 40% off although my wallet probably wouldn’t agree. I love Gap, the styles are usually classic and comfortable for everyday wear.
Here is a picture at 24 weeks in my new always skinny jeans and super soft top.

I hope everyone had a great Monday we are off to watch another episode of Breaking Bad and relax since Em is off to bed! 🙂



Show me the Whey

Whey protein that is. I have been doing a lot of research lately on filling foods that keep you full longer. By the time I make it home from my morning workouts (which is only a 10 minute drive) I feel like I could eat the house down and eat the house down I do!! It’s disgusting the amount of food I can fit in my belly. Yes, yes I know I’m pregnant and I’m supposed to eat more but really they say an extra 300 calories is all you need plus a little more if your workout and I’m going way over and above this extra 300-500 extra calories! I decided to experiment with making myself first drink a whey protein shake before ravaging through the kitchen. This has helped more than you know to help curb those crazy cravings and tendency to eat WAY more then any normal pregnant women should! When I’m hungry I loose complete control. Also, I like that I’m adding more protein to my diet because I tend to enjoy carbs a whole lot more than protein.

This week has been a great experiment and I must say fairly successful. Instead of eating this after workouts:

  • large bowl of cereal and I mean 3x the normal serving
  • larger bowl of oatmeal (adding brown sugar of course 😦 and blueberries)
  • 2 slices of toast with peanut butter and a bit of jelly

*and note I’d still be looking for more but luckily I don’t let myself buy any junk food items

(Now I know what your thinking these all seem healthy and like fine choices minus the brown sugar but the problem was my portions, portion control is a major issue for me)

Since supplementing a whey protein shake I have been eating more consciously in control and not like a ravaged buzzard.

This week after workouts:
-protein shake with either a tbsp of peanut butter or a banana mixed in (I use water not milk and about a cup of ice in the blender)

* I’m full for a solid hour sometimes 2 depending on the day/workout AMAZING!!!!
Ill then choose to have my peanut butter toast or bowl of oatmeal that is under portion control and add in a piece of fruit!!! 🙂

I’ve tried several different protein shake powders and have found that earth fares “show me the whey” natural chocolate is not only the most natural but it also tastes great and mixes well. You can find 20 servings for $20 or 40 servings for $35 not too bad!

  • My workouts this week were my usual routine:
  • Monday: muscle pump (sometimes this is spin just depends on what we do on Sunday)
  • Tuesday/Thursday: spin and pump
  • Friday: spin fusion

Weight gain is still on target and I’m hoping I can keep it that way and not let my inner ravaged buzzard take control 😉

What’s your go to for keeping you full longer?


22 weeks 18 to go…..

Today I woke up sore from our long hike yesterday and thought about making this a rest day, but after waking up at 5 am with my 17 month old (thanks time change and barking dogs) I decided around 9 to head to muscle pump. If we don’t go to the gym in the mornings things just don’t seem to go as well the rest of the day.

Reasons not to skip:

  • Emalyn first of all loves to go to child watch and play with all her buddies. Several of the older kids have totally taken to her and it makes my heart smile to see them yell her name and watch her face light up.
  • Endorphins, endorphins, endorphins…. Did I say endorphins?!? 🙂
  • Keep the aches and pains of my ever-growing self at bay
  • Keep the scale from yelling “get off of meeeee!!!!!”
  • Living a healthy lifestyle for my family
  • Last but not least I love all of the people I workout with that pick up my mood and keep me sane!!

20121105-190330.jpgI have just reached the 22 week mark and I’m feeling great. I’ve gained less weight so far then I did with Emalyn (which I’m hoping to keep up) I’ve kept my workout routine in check and I most of the time choose healthy foods to curb cravings although I will be the first to say that some days are much harder than others ;)!!

My current choice of workouts are spinning, muscle pump, hiking and tennis. I miss running but my body just doesn’t let me run while pregnant probably because my body hates to run period but I love it so we fight over it A LOT!!


Today I’m off to my monthly weigh in and to listen to baby girls heartbeat.