Merry Christmas

We are so blessed to have family and friends like you!! We wish you all a very Merry Christmas!!!Image

With all the controversy that seems to come up each year about Santa I thought i’d share this letter that I found on another blog. I enjoyed reading it and thought it was a sweet way to explain Santa to your children when they are older. Santa has always been a part of our family’s traditions and we plan to carry that tradition on with our children. He is by no means the center of attention but a symbol of faith, magic and spirit during the holiday season. We all know who the center of this holiday is and that is Jesus. We will celebrate his birthday and remember the reason for the season. We wish you all a happy and healthy Christmas with your loved ones and can’t wait to make more memories in 2013!!!




Praying for Sandy Hook Elementary

The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.

Psalm 34:1820121214-162340.jpg

Today we are all saddened and in shock to hear the news. How can life be taken from those innocent children. Please take a moment to pray with me for all the families effected by this tragedy. Hug your loved ones extra tight and remember not to take a moment for granted.


Election Day 2012


No matter the outcome of today’s election God is in control and he has the perfect plan for us. I strongly believe this!

I have really never been much for politics and find that often times I side with both the republican and democratic side depending on the issue. Too bad we can’t pick and choose who represents each of our values. I also hate that politics often causes separation between us as citizens, that being said we all must still choose and stand up for what we believe in so my prayer is that we all do so in a respectful and tactful way.

I personally have chosen my candidate this year based on the values that I was raised with but also with the help of several websites breaking down what each candidate really feels about our most important issues since often times it all becomes very confusing with our media today.

one of my favorite websites was :

As for my vote, I am voting for a different kind of change ROMNEY ~ RYAN

*no matter what your stance is as an American citizen it is your right to vote and have your voice heard! Every vote counts!!! Vote!!!*