morning snuggles

emandelIn the morning we have a pretty good routine going. Ella Grace gets her morning fill usually before Emalyn wakes up then drifts back off for a couple of hours giving me time to get Em breakfast etc. The weekends are the best because Daddy is home to share morning coffee and make the best healthy waffles with.  (I wish every day started with an “S” :))

daddy and ella

This week we are back to our usual routine. Ella Grace hit 6 weeks and that meant it was time to return to the gym! For some taking the baby anywhere at 6 weeks is far to soon and I respect that, but I go insane if I don’t get out at least once a day. We are seriously lucky to have the people we do in child watch at the gym they are all like family. They love on our girls and treat them just like their own making me feel so comfortable leaving them to get my endorphins flowing for a little while each morning. I’m a better mom and wife for it! It makes such a difference in my day. I have about 10lbs to go and a lot of toning before I will feel like my old new self again. The 6 weeks spent at home really did go by fast but it was hard for all of us to stay at home as much as we did. It reminded me of when I first had Emalyn and I thought to myself oh’ boy am I really cut out to stay at home all the time. Eventually we found our “outs” and ways to socialize with others by going to the gym or to MOPS at church etc.

ellasmilesLook at this smile, now this melts my heart!  Emalyn is still so sweet with her, when she cries she quickly wants to rub her head or cover her with a blanket etc. She loves to hold her on the sofa and snuggle. The other morning I gave Ella Grace to her and she started doing what we call the woody wood-pecker action on her chest and I about died laughing when Emalyn quickly pushed her back to me said “no-no-no” and proceeded to button up her shirt. No milk is coming from her ha-ha!

Emalyn changes by the week. She is so smart and loves to doemalyn her own thing, very independent! She loves to play outside and takes care of the dogs for us. She lets them in and out of their crate, feeds them and tells them to “stop” when they lick her sister to much. Her vocabulary and understanding of things has also grown. Its crazy how once a baby arrives your older baby becomes such a big girl in comparison. This weekend Daddy picked out some new sandals for her and you would think he bought her the world. This girl LOVES shoes… We are in trouble 😉




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