Ella Grace ~ 3.4.13

Welcome to the world Ella Grace


5:03 PM

7.5 pounds

20″ long

Healthy and Perfect!

Sunday 3.3.13 light contractions started up and I began timing them to see if this might be the real deal. I kept waiting for them to become more intense before waking Emalyn and trekking to the hospital. As all mamas know we don’t want to drive to the hospital only to be turned around and sent home! I ended up falling asleep and woke up 3.4.13 with light contractions but had an appt at 10am for my routine 39 week check. Well, turns out it wasn’t in my head and we were in labor. I was at 4cm and my bag of waters was supposedly ready to burst at any given moment. We headed over to Bruggers to drop Emalyn off with Bubby and grab a bagel before checking into the hospital at 12. Everything was so much more relaxed this second time around. It was nice knowing what to expect and my contractions were still very much bearable so it was a calm experience. I had my epidural placement around 3 and after they broke my bag of waters around 3:30 I decided it was time to dose me. Well it didn’t work so at 4:30 we had to get a new epidural placed and before I was ready to be dosed they checked to see where we were with progression and the baby’s head was ready to come out!!! I was in major shock. I pushed for 4 hours with Emalyn so when labor was coming to a quick end I couldn’t believe what the nurses were telling me. I didn’t even have time to call my mom and tell her to come back over (luckily she arrived just in time, must be moms intuition ;)) They quickly had the Dr. come in and by 5:03 PM our perfect, healthy beautiful baby girl was in my arms. It was such an amazing experience, I was actually able to take everything in and enjoy this time. I am so happy that all of those wonderful mommy friends of mine were right about the second time being so much easier!


God is good, we are once more blessed!!!



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