Valentine’s and the final countdown


Daddy brought Emalyn a box of chocolates and a balloon for Valentine’s Day. In a matter of seconds the entire box of chocolates was in her mouth… Daddy did good 🙂 We were able to celebrate Valentine’s just the two of us on Friday night since the racquet club had a valentine’s parents night out. We started the night at Thai Orchid where the food was deliciously spicy and then finished up at Old Europe with yummy desserts and coffee. I love these special times with Gabi, they are all the more appreciated these days since they don’t come around as easily as they used to. Not only did we have an amazing date night but Emalyn had so much fun at the Valentine’s party that was even decked out with a chocolate fountain that she slept in until 9 AM on Saturday… AGH!!! 🙂Image


Emalyn has been busy practicing her Big Sister skills!!!Image

37 weeks  and the anticipation of Ella Grace’s arrival happening any day now is so exciting!! Still feeling great considering and working out as usual, praying this delivery is easier than the first like everyone promises!Image




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