20 Months

Emalyn hit 20 months yesterday on the 8th and we are having so much fun (and anxiety) watching her grow into a full on toddler!!


  • She now sleeps in her big girl bed and does awesome!
  • Her favorite activity is her strider bike. Every time we take her out we are amazed at how fast she is mastering her skills.
  • She still loves to draw and read books. You will often wonder why its so quiet and find her with all of her books and sketch pad sitting on her sofa.
  • Loves to go to the pool, this morning she brought us the goggles and stood by the door ready to go.
  • Stubborn, yes we all are! But boy oh boy she is stubborn. I know probably most all toddlers go through this so I am just praying that I handle situations in the best way and don’t loose all my hair in the process.
  • She loves to kiss, hug and snuggle
  • Dancing and music are a BIG hit!
  • Every morning she runs into the kitchen saying “cereal” (Yes she is my child!)
  • Loves coffee (don’t worry we limit this love for now)
  • Frozen Go-gurt is a must have
  • She loves shoes, sunglasses and clothes but at the end of the day prefers to be naked!
  • Her vocabulary improves daily. We are always anxious to see what she will say next.  I went up to snuggle her early in the morning Friday and daddy came in to say goodbye before he left, she looks over at me and says “is that daddy” it was so sweet and so clear, she amazes me with how smart she is.






We love you Emalyn and love watching you grow into the little lady that you are. We can’t wait for your little sister to arrive so that you can show her your world!!



One thought on “20 Months

  1. I love this post – I can’t believe she is almost 2 years old! Time has flown. Give her love today from her auntie! Happy Valentine’s Day to the Negreas! xo

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