Big Girl Bed

Last week after many successful attempts to climb out of her crib we decided to try Emalyn out in a big girl bed. I was nervous for many reasons. First being I wasn’t ready for my baby to leave the crib!! It seems like just yesterday we brought her home from the hospital and now moving her into a big girl bed just seems so, well, BIG girl! We were nervous she would eventually hurt herself because who knows what type maneuvers it took to climb out of the crib since it is a fairly big leap from the lowest setting. Second, I was nervous that nap time would be a total nightmare in my last month of pregnancy and bedtime would become a fight for staying in her bed. Well after a bit of research on the good ol’ internet we decided to take the leap and try it out.

First night- bad timing as I had supper club and had to leave Gabi to the task all by himself. I came home to find out that she was in her bed but it took 2 hours instead of the usual 2 minutes. In that time he had pushed the bed against the closet doors, lowered the box spring to the inside of the bed frame to make it lower and had taken away access to the light switches. (learning as we go :)) Around 4 AM she woke up crying and you could tell it was confusion of “where am I and what am I laying in.” I went upstairs to ease her back to bed and ended up laying the rest of the night with her holding my ever so full pregnant bladder as so not to wake her back up.

Day 2- Nap time came and I was nervous. I took her upstairs with her “baby” aka blanket and prayed she would stay put and fall asleep. I could hear her singing songs and her little feet walking around for a good 30 minutes before all of a sudden it was silent. I gave it a few minutes and went up to check on her where I found her laying on the floor next to the bed snuggling “baby” I moved her to her bed and she luckily did not wake back up and ended up sleeping for a solid 3 hours rather than her usual 1 1/2-2. WOW!Image

That night we put her to bed and again heard the usual singing and walking around but not long after it went silent and we were again eager to peek and see if she was actually in the bed and SHE WAS!!! YAY! She had put herself back in the bed and slept the ENTIRE night.

I know this is a long post – but this is a huge milestone in our baby girls life and I want to remember just how awesome she did. Since the first night she has done amazingly well and adjusted quickly to both nap time and bed time in her official big girl bed!!

We moved the crib over to Ella Grace’s room and set everything back up just the way we had it the day Emalyn came home from the hospital. We also spent some time getting all of her baby clothes back out and going through all the baby items that haven’t been touched in several months. It was such a fun weekend!! I am finally starting to feel like Ella Grace has her place in this world. Its so different with the second than with the first its all the more exciting since we will be introducing sisters for the first time and expanding out little family of three to a family of FOUR! Image




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