Blowing Rock

the girls2013 started off with a bang!!! This past weekend we had a getaway with my sisters from other misters! Lucky for us girls, our boys really enjoy each other as well. Every year we try to get away with the whole family for a long weekend to spend some quality time together. As the years pass we all seem to become closer and closer, we are truly blessed!! Everyone has become a bit spread out but we all do the best we can to make it to all the wonderful life events that we can. Over the past 6 years since graduation (can y’all believe 6 years this year!!) we have had weddings, engagements and births to go along with all of our sweet memories together. This year will be another big year as we have our 2nd baby girl and our best friend Lizzy says I do to the man of her dreams Kevin. I can’t wait to see what else 2013 brings us!!!

hot tub

Emalyn had the time of her life with all of her Aunties. They were so amazing with her and I wouldn’t expect anything different. It made my heart so happy to watch them cuddle her, sit her on the kitchen island and have girl talk, paint nails and feed each other popcorn. These are such special memories that I know are just the beginning. My girls are so blessed and VERY spoiled, just as they should be!!!

On our last night at the mountain house my sweet parents drove up to Blowing Rock to get Emalyn and spend some quality time with her giving Mommy and Daddy a little relaxation time with friends before our next arrival.

yaya and em bubby and emWe feel so blessed to have them and couldn’t be happier watching them interact with their granddaughter. We did a little shopping and had lunch at our all time favorite Chick-fi-la before they headed back to Asheville. Emalyn passed out not long after they left which was not surprising after her non stop attention back at the Mountain house :).

This weekend was one for the books and every time I leave these sweet friends my heart is full and I am reminded just how special these precious memories are with my Sisters from other Misters and our wonderful Boys too 😉

the gang

Here is Emalyn opening her gifts from Sunny that she brought with her from Korea!


Gabi and I snuck in a little dancing even with my big belly!!

me and gabi dance



2 thoughts on “Blowing Rock

  1. Jen, this is so sweet! You give me the warm fuzzies recapping on our amazing memories and wonderful group of friends. This is definitely something to cherish and celebrate. Can’t wait for the next “family” get together!

  2. I love this post! I’m going to be reminiscing on that trip for a long time to come! Miss all of my “family” already! Can’t wait for the next trip! xo Love you!

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