7 weeks to go…

Okay so there are some days where i’m thinking when is this baby going to get here already, but then I think about the pregnancy as a whole and boy has it flown by! I can’t believe we are down to the final weeks until our little family of three becomes a family of four!!! We are so excited to introduce Emalyn to her new baby sister. Em has been so sweet  since the ultrasound at 20 weeks where she really seemed to put it all together that the baby on the screen was in mommy’s belly. Most everyday she will look at my belly and say baby, proceed to lift my shirt and give her kisses which just absolutely melts my heart! Ella Grace is a girl on the move these days making both Gabi and I laugh with all of her jolts and wiggles. You can literally watch my stomach move around as she does her gymnastic moves to get ready for birth (which i’m already having anxiety about!). I sure hope its true that the second time around is much easier than the first. One of these days i’ll have to share my birthing story with Emalyn on here, although anyone who hasn’t been through birth yet would probably benefit from not reading. 

I have been  blessed with both pregnancy’s that I have had very little discomforts and have been able to continue with my workouts. I truly believe my workouts are what help me stay strong, SANE and energized to chase after a toddler at  33 weeks pregnant.  I am sticking to my usual routine of spinning and muscle pump along with iburn when i’m here on the weekend which is a circuit boot-camp class. I love to walk./hike but the weather has been crazy here with a lot of rain. All I can think is Spring can’t get here soon enough! So far my weight gain has been steady and at a healthy pace although at this point in pregnancy i’m pretty sure anyone and everyone feels ENORMOUS just as I do!

Please ignore the fact that this is a terrible bathroom belly shot 😉

32 weeks

The Countdown is ON!!! 




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