Tassimo vs Keurig

For a full year I have always wondered whether my Tassimo was the best choice for single coffee brewer. I looked for review after review when we were first given the Tassimo for Christmas last year to see what the difference was and which was the better buy. After reading several reviews that coffee lovers alike had raved about the Tassimo we kept this one and were very happy that we did. I still wondered though what the Keurig was like and whether we would enjoy the perks of being able to brew any coffee we wanted instead of the lack of choices that Tassimo provides. One downer that I have about Tassimo is that soon after we were given the machine Starbucks broke up with them leaving choices such as Maxwell house and Gevalli our only option. Hence the reason for Keurig always popping back up in my mind since I would be able to brew my beloved Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts coffee. Since my dad was not happy with the machine he passed it down to me so here goes my review for anyone who has wondered the same things. As a side note this is the Keurig office pro vs Tassimo suprema T45


Keurig price point: $100 and up


  • Variety of Coffee, tea, hot chocolate options
  • Adaptor to use your own grinds
  • You can tell the machine how big your cup is


  • Brews each K-cup the same no barcode to differentiate the variety
  • Large system takes up a lot of counter space when compared with the Tassimo
  • The beverage temperature is not hot enough
  • No latte, cappuccino or espresso here
  • The wait time, you have to wait for the hot water to heat up before the machine is ready to brew


Tassimo price point: $100-$170


  • Filtration system
  • Barcode reader telling the machine exactly how to brew the specific disc. 
  • It can brew you a Latte, Espresso, cappuccino, Tea, Coffee and hot chocolate
  • Space saver, this machine takes up very little of our counter space
  • Instant – When you insert the disc and press start it starts!


  • Limited options ie: no starbucks or dunkin donuts
  • T-discs are not cheap

Bottom line both machines have their pro’s and con’s but when choosing between the 2 machines I would go for the Tassimo for the reasons listed above. No you can’t brew your Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts but you can brew a pretty mean latte and a fairly decent coffee within a minute for running out the door. On weekends we still prefer the old percolator for spoiling our taste buds! 

I would love to hear from you about your favorite coffee and brewer.


2 thoughts on “Tassimo vs Keurig

  1. YUP we got a Keurig as a gift. I have the Tassimo at work and love doing the Lattes and cappuccinos, love it too for the smelll …ahhhhh Aroma therapy!!! LOL …bummer that Keurig hasn’t stepped up and figured this out!!! hopefully soon!!!

  2. I have a Keurig too and am addicted. I think if I had a Tassimo I would love it so much that I need ‘coffee therapy’ because I’d be addicted to lattes. What a wonderful world we live in that our coffee machines are so easy to use :).

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