No more cookies!!!


Okay so my sweet tooth attack has arrived and I’m trying so hard to fight it!!! This happened to me several times while pregnant with Emalyn and I can’t say I fought it very often, hence the 40 pound weight gain! This time around I swore I wouldn’t gain as much so that it wouldn’t be so frustrating leaving the hospital still looking 8 months pregnant. Well after my appointment this week I’ve already gained 20 pounds and I’m 26 weeks along and this of course was no shocker after my week of splurging on cookies. Have yall tried the immaculate cookies? Triple chocolate is my favorite!! To my defense they are all natural and did I mention oh so heavenly and they were also on sale!!! I bought 2 packages and ate both almost entirely myself. So, after going to bed feeling gross last night I decided no more cookies and I’m going to drink my protein shake and eat healthy. Well today I ate cookies… Ugh!!!!! Someone help me!!! They are now officially out of the house so now I just can’t buy them anymore 😉

On to a bit of a healthier subject. Earth fare is my favorite place to shop for groceries. Their produce is colorful, fresh baked bread to die for and the meat isn’t pumped with hormones. They also run great specials, if you don’t already receive their emails and text I recommend you sign up.This week they are running the lunch box special which includes kale and sweet potato salad, Brussels sprouts and chicken salad. If you haven’t tried their chicken salad yet run don’t walk to your nearest earth fare its amazing!!! This meal was so filling and only cost $5.


I am still enjoying my protein shakes, they keep me full and satisfied and up until the last few days keeps my sweet tooth in check. Lately I have been adding a scoop of amazing grass superfood to my shake giving me the extra vegetable, fruit and antioxidant boost. Highly recommend!


Well I’m off to get an afternoon workout in before our 131 Main MOPS Christmas party 🙂



One thought on “No more cookies!!!

  1. Those cookies do sound amazing! Maybe you should allow yourself thoseduring the holidays. They have to be better than the rest of the sugar out there right now. 😉 p.s. going to earthfare for my deal tomorrow lovethose Brussels 😉 see you soon!!!

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