Happy Birthday Daddy!!!

ImageNow if that picture doesn’t describe the best birthday EVER I don’t know what does 🙂 Emalyn was so excited when we picked up Daddy’s cake. She waited patiently for dinner to finish then quickly ran to the freezer doing her normal grunt “ugh ugh ugh” for me to get that cake out! I can’t believe how smart these babies are!!!


Since Gabi’s birthday fell on Thanksgiving this year Em and I decided to surprise him with a special dinner along with his ritual birthday cake on Monday.

These weeks seem to be flying by faster and faster. This week we have been busy getting our Christmas decorations out and getting some holiday online shopping done. I love to feel like I have all of this accomplished so i’m hard at work trying to find the perfect gift for each special person in our lives. If only I had a money tree for all the items I find for Emalyn. I’m not sure i’ll have any money or items left to purchase for a few years if I keep going at this rate (must refocus on others ;))

This week I was ready to jump back into workout mode after taking almost a full week off during Thanksgiving. I mean we did get a few walks in etc. but nothing like the good sweat of spin and Muscle pump. Monday I went to spin then did a nice walk in the neighborhood that will make anyone’s booty burn, Tuesday I had spin and pump and today was a relaxing day of playdates and errands. Gotta love Hump Days!!!

I hope everyone is well and recovering from all the Thanksgiving festivities.




One thought on “Happy Birthday Daddy!!!

  1. That picture of Gabi and Emmie is beyond perfect! Definitely needs to go in a frame! Looks like he had a wonderful birthday with his beautiful girls. xo

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