Monday Funday

Tonight we made our cookies in a jar and they turned out really well. I took a friends suggestion and added a tsp of vanilla and I think you can tell from the pictures they were a success!!

My friend Rachel has an awesome blog focused on running and nutrition which I recommend you all hop over to check out on your free time. Today she posted about the Elf for Health challenge which I quickly joined to help keep up my motivation to stay healthy during the holiday season!!

Today was a great day that started off with muscle pump and a little birthday shopping for Gabi. I of course had to stop by Baby Gap and Gap Maternity to pick up a few new essentials going into the end of my 2nd trimester and beginning of the third. I love when I get an email for 40% off although my wallet probably wouldn’t agree. I love Gap, the styles are usually classic and comfortable for everyday wear.
Here is a picture at 24 weeks in my new always skinny jeans and super soft top.

I hope everyone had a great Monday we are off to watch another episode of Breaking Bad and relax since Em is off to bed! 🙂




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