Tis’ the season

ImageCan y’all believe thanksgiving is 4 days away?!? I can’t!!! Not only is Thanksgiving on Thursday but it is also my sweet husbands birthday. Every few years his birthday lands on Thanksgiving Day making the weekend extra special. 🙂

This weekend we enjoyed one last trip to our friends beautiful mountain house before the holiday festivities begin. The girls did some shopping in Blowing Rock while the boys hit the trails biking.

Since I’ve been enjoying some of Starbucks yummy seasonal Lattes lately I thought I would share 10 drinks that won’t pack on the pounds while enjoying the pretty red cup with warm yummy goodness!!

*All of these are based on size tall*

  • Skinny peppermint mocha ~ 100 Calories
  • No-whip gingerbread latte ~ 190 Calories
  • Nonfat, no-whip pumpkin spice latte ~ 200 Calories
  • Skinny cinnamon dolce latte ~ 100 Calories
  • Nonfat green tea latte ~ 150 Calories
  • Nonfat chai tea latte ~ 160 Calories
  • Skinny caramel macchiato ~ 100 calories
  • Nonfat cappuccino ~ 60 Calories
  • Skinny vanilla latte ~ 90 Calories
  • No-whip peppermint hot chocolate ~ 280 Calories

Enjoy with no Guilt!! 🙂




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