Puppy love

20121113-083945.jpgWe have a new baby in the family named Charlie! She is a beautiful Brittany spaniel puppy only 7 weeks old. My parents brought her home yesterday so of course we had to ride over and introduce ourselves. Lucky for us my sister also came home for e night from college!! It really doesn’t get much better than the smell of a new puppy or baby. It made me realize another reason why we will probably end up with a house full of children (God willing) all so I can smell cuddle and hold the babies!20121113-084030.jpg Not to mention the fact that I do enjoy a little chaos in the house, reminds me of all the many blessings life brings us. Ill save more on that for another post! Emalyn loved on Charlie and was so gentle like she knew she was fragile and it was sweet to watch.20121113-084012.jpg


How sweet is this….



Emalyn’s current cuteness


  • Shoes is “shees”
  • Da da is now “daddy” and boy does it make daddy melt 😉
  • Mom is “maaaa” just waiting on the “where’s the meatloaf” LOL
  • Thank you is “tank-you”
  • I love you is “I you”
  • She can sing a,b,c,d then it gets a little choppy
  • Se can also count 1-2
  • ball

She gives the baby in mommy’s tummy kisses and hugs (picture to come I need gabi’s help on that one)

20121113-084044.jpgAfter she gets annoyed with her spoon eating cereal each morning she decides to just put the bowl to her mouth daddy style and thinks its the funniest thing EVER! 20121113-084057.jpgProbably because I laugh at her A LOT, it’s good she seems to have a great sense of humor.

Yesterday at the gym she had a fit because she didn’t want to leave and to think I used to feel bad leaving her because she would get upset.

Her favorite things to do:

  • Slides at the park
  • Drawing on anything and everything and she is really pretty good at it her scribbles remind me of Picasso 😉
  • Move furniture (no she’s not Hercules only her baby furniture)
  • Play with doggies
  • Eat cranberries
  • Ride in her car
  • Read her Doggies book

I’m sure I could keep going but those are the favorites at the moment! Today we are off to the gym for spin and pump followed by one of my super awesome protein shakes. Thank you to all who gave me new suggestions they were all so helpful and I look forward to mixing things up.






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