Show me the Whey

Whey protein that is. I have been doing a lot of research lately on filling foods that keep you full longer. By the time I make it home from my morning workouts (which is only a 10 minute drive) I feel like I could eat the house down and eat the house down I do!! It’s disgusting the amount of food I can fit in my belly. Yes, yes I know I’m pregnant and I’m supposed to eat more but really they say an extra 300 calories is all you need plus a little more if your workout and I’m going way over and above this extra 300-500 extra calories! I decided to experiment with making myself first drink a whey protein shake before ravaging through the kitchen. This has helped more than you know to help curb those crazy cravings and tendency to eat WAY more then any normal pregnant women should! When I’m hungry I loose complete control. Also, I like that I’m adding more protein to my diet because I tend to enjoy carbs a whole lot more than protein.

This week has been a great experiment and I must say fairly successful. Instead of eating this after workouts:

  • large bowl of cereal and I mean 3x the normal serving
  • larger bowl of oatmeal (adding brown sugar of course 😦 and blueberries)
  • 2 slices of toast with peanut butter and a bit of jelly

*and note I’d still be looking for more but luckily I don’t let myself buy any junk food items

(Now I know what your thinking these all seem healthy and like fine choices minus the brown sugar but the problem was my portions, portion control is a major issue for me)

Since supplementing a whey protein shake I have been eating more consciously in control and not like a ravaged buzzard.

This week after workouts:
-protein shake with either a tbsp of peanut butter or a banana mixed in (I use water not milk and about a cup of ice in the blender)

* I’m full for a solid hour sometimes 2 depending on the day/workout AMAZING!!!!
Ill then choose to have my peanut butter toast or bowl of oatmeal that is under portion control and add in a piece of fruit!!! 🙂

I’ve tried several different protein shake powders and have found that earth fares “show me the whey” natural chocolate is not only the most natural but it also tastes great and mixes well. You can find 20 servings for $20 or 40 servings for $35 not too bad!

  • My workouts this week were my usual routine:
  • Monday: muscle pump (sometimes this is spin just depends on what we do on Sunday)
  • Tuesday/Thursday: spin and pump
  • Friday: spin fusion

Weight gain is still on target and I’m hoping I can keep it that way and not let my inner ravaged buzzard take control 😉

What’s your go to for keeping you full longer?



2 thoughts on “Show me the Whey

  1. loved learning about whey! i’ve always been hesitant to try it so now i’ll have to give it a shot. lately i’ve been scrambling one egg and two egg whites and slicing up some avocado – it keeps me full for hours and has lots of protein and healthy fat (yum!)

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