Weekly roundup


This last week was so much fun and a busy one at that!! With Emalyn able to actually celebrate Halloween this year we had my family over to help us make it an extra special holiday!! We started the evening off with special appetizers such as apple teeth, mummy dogs and spider cups then headed out to march the streets. Emalyn dressed up as a puppy (her favorite thing) and her best friend hunter (our labradoodle) was a dinosaur. Even daddy got in on the action as a snow surfer (don’t ask ;)). After each house Em would stop to have us open the next piece of candy to bite into, by the time we were back at home each piece had a bite taken out of it!20121105-190228.jpg Even with all that candy she went to sleep easily and when asked if she had a fun night she said yes to us in her sweet voice while shaking her whole body up and down!! Successful Halloween night!!!

The next morning it was time to celebrate Gabi and I’s 4th anniversary. Where does the time go?!? I start thinking about all that we have accomplished, grown and changed and I can see that those years have formed us into a strong loving family better than my dreams at a young age could have ever in visioned.

This weekend we continued to celebrate with family and friends with a cookout Saturday night and then a mock thanksgiving with my parents and grandparents on Sunday. After such a large quantity of food we hit the outdoors for a nice 10 mile hike which proved to be a bit much for my 22 week pregnancy body but it was a great way to end the weekend.

Cheers to another amazing year with our growing and evolving family in which I am so blessed to have!!!




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